About David


IT consultation and support to local businesses comprising of; providing analysis and recommendations along with installation/configuration of third-party services including; commercial email services, phone, anti-virus, web hosting, desktop/network hardware, data recovery, and firewall/security services. Data Analysis pertaining to on-site and internet sales, business process analysis/improvement, web design and development for small to medium size businesses.  Develop print graphics and other media used in both online and offline marketing campaigns. Provide SEO and marketing services along with creation and maintenance of company web presence and social media.

Many people ask me the question “what do you do?” that is an interesting question. The short answer is “I resolve problems”. I resolve problems that pertain to many aspects of my clients business; I do this by looking at the big picture, and fully analyzing the situation while developing solutions that fit their business objectives. It could be very easy to simply find a solution to any given problem or challenge; however, how does that really benefit the client?

I started out primarily developing web sites (which I still do), in most cases, those sites are developed in content management systems (CMS) that allow clients to maintain and change their content as desired.  With that said, I also do the following;  develop internal usage databases based on various client requirements, provide on-site training for various items, establish social media, develop content, and establish client marketing strategies for the client to carry out or for them to have either myself or someone else carry out.

Over the last several years I have spent a lot of time developing marketing strategies for various clients in the DFW area.

I have found that it is always better, long term, to fully understand what the issue is and what is the root cause of the issue, otherwise you end up with a “Band-Aid” that only works for a period of time and may result with other, more detrimental issues in the future. Why not determine what the root cause is and develop a solution that not only fixes the issue but actually enhances the business operation?

In most of my current and past projects, I have a specified area of responsibility which is part of a larger business strategy. I ultimately interact with other agencies and contractors who have their own strategies for implementing various business “solutions” for the particular company that we are both working for.

Summary of Experience

Before I started my own company, I spent nearly 15 years at various levels of management ranging from branch level, where I was responsible for anywhere from 5-20 people to the senior level managing hundreds of people with various levels of profit and loss responsibilities depending on the position.

As far as professional successes are concerned I spent over 8 years with Avco Financial Services, hired as an account executive and promoted to District Manger within four years. The company paid to relocate my family five times in those eight years, each time with a promotion. My successes there were always gauged by increases in sales, profitability, and growth, along with the training and development of employees and branch managers. The two positions that I held after working at Avco were positions in which the companies initiated contact with me and subsequently paid any associated relocation costs.

I relocated here to Texas in 1999 as a Senior Vice President working for a mortgage company located in Dallas. I was residing in California at the time and had initially accepted a position with a bank located in Ohio, but ultimately rescinded my acceptance in order to move to Texas. I left the corporate environment, to start my own business, after I had determined that my knowledge and experience would be better utilized in the IT field due to the increased impact that Information Technology systems have on business operations.

My experiences range from human resource management, employee development, training, increases in sales through various direct and indirect marketing efforts, planning and forecasting, as well as controlling costs and maximizing ROI (Return on Investment) and profitability.

When I initially chose to start my own business I did so with the intent of providing services to both small and medium sized companies. I started by providing strictly computer network and web development services but that has transformed into providing a wide array of value added services ranging from developing and implementing email, ecommerce, web, marketing, and integration solutions along with many other business strategies designed to increase revenue, reduce costs, and streamline business processes.

Education  |  Degrees

Educationally, I have an M.B.A., a Master’s Degree in Project Management, and  a Master’s Degree in Information Security Management with a specialization in Data Administration and Management.

A six year active duty Army Veteran.

David Demko Resume

Political and General Views

My political views have, as with most people, altered a bit as I progress through life.  I am not committed to any one party or affiliation and take all issues individually.  I never take any one person’s information or statements as fact and pride myself as being an expert in being able to distinguish what is propaganda and what is actually factual.  Before I make any statements or formulate an opinion, or view, I actually perform real research using various places that I know are legitimate sources.

Truth be told though, my six years spent on active duty in the U.S. Army created a solid foundation for me that I have been able to grow from.  I believe that social issues, in particular, have no business in politics, however, at the present time, they seem to be the driving force in virtually any/all political conversations.

I get along with just about everyone and rarely ever respond with any name calling or vulgarity unless, of course, someone else has gone down that road first.

How Do We Get Started

First, and foremost, it is essential to know what your business objectives are over the short and long term in order to properly develop any business strategy which must include a comprehensive marketing plan. As an example, if your objective is to increase sales by 20% over the next 12 months, then a strategy can be developed in order to attain that goal. But to objective or goal must be identified first before anything else can be done. I can be contacted  via the short contact form on the contact page.