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Social Network Marketing

Obviously social networking is now something that every business must consider in their marketing strategies. Evaluating how social networking can work for your business can help lead to further development of brand recongition and help drive traffic to your business…Read More Here>>

Email Markeing

Email marketing remains a very viable marketing tool. Proper development of an email marketing list and periodic newsletters can lead to significant increases in revenue along with establishing excellent customer relations when used correctly…

Effective Email Marketing

This very same principle pertains to your email marketing. If your business already has a good, quality, email list in place, the issue becomes how that list can be used effectively in order to increase the profitability of your business. When you take the time to send out a mass email to any of your email lists it is critical that there be a clear objective for that email.

With every email you send out there are certain risk factors that need to be considered prior to sending each email out. Every time a list is sent it may be the last time you are able to communicate with your customers as they can always elect to opt-out of your email list, that in itself does not necessarily mean that you lost a customer, but it does mean that you have lost an opportunity to get your messages in front of that customer. It also means that your message was either not clear, not an effective message, or you have communicated too much, or too little with that customer.

As with any marketing effort, effective planning, testing, and follow up must be completed in order to evolve your efforts into something that is, primarily, increasing the profitability of your business.

In order to ultimately have an effective web site that adds value to your business you have to convert visitors to buyers once they reach your web site. While one can get all the visitors your web site can handle, it is another issue altogether to get 1) the right visitors to your site and 2) conversions from your site; by conversions, I am talking about gaining a paying and profitable, not simply a revenue generating, customer.