Web Development

Web Site Development

Website Development

The Process of developing a web site is one that requires proper planning, scheduling, and execution.  A professional web developer would certainly want to gather information regarding the objectives of the business and their operation before preparing a project plan. As a business, it is important to determine some basic information about your web site. …

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Copywriting Services

This service includes writing copy for website content, social media, directory listings, along with advertising content.   Definition: A writer of copy, especially for advertisements or publicity releases. Origin of copywriterExpand. 1910-1915. 1910-15; copy + writer. copywriting, noun Term definition from dictionary.com 

Website Marketing

Website Marketing

Typically, a marketing plan is a part of the overall business strategy and it only makes sense to develop the marketing portion so it works on the business goals and objectives and provides an increase in profitability and not just sales revenue as could easily be the case if a marketing plan is implemented without …

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Website Traffic Analysis

Traffic Statistics Your web host should provide basic statistics, but consider getting the free Google Analytics program or using the services of a fee-based web analytics company–you’ll get a deeper look at how your visitors travel through your website. You should be able to answer the following questions: What pages do your visitors leave your …

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