Web Site Development Strategy

Getting the web to work for your business


How RankBrain Impacts Search

Analysis of how RankBrain has impacted search and how those results are presented to users.  Click on the image to see larger view.  Original post from Stone Temple Consulting.   Please include attribution to with this graphic.  

Social Media Marketing

How to Post to Social Media

Posting to social media has become an integral part of many business marketing strategies.  The question that I come across most often is “how do I ensure that what I am doing is correct?” and many others want to know how to track efforts...

Website Marketing

What is the best way to market my website?

You’ve heard these a million times: You have to “do” more content marketing You have to build more backlinks You have to have landing pages You have to have all of your pages fully optimized in order to rank better You have to rank for these...

How Search Works in 2016

This information is from SEOBOOK web site  and is an infographic developed by them in early 2016 that illustrates how search works today.   Online Marketing Graphic by SEO Book